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The system of High Grade Masonry, from which our Antient and Primitive Rite derives its origin, had beginning in this us of a earlier than the status quo of Grand Lodges. In France it had developed, early final century, into several Rites which have been outstanding as Primitive–drastically the Rites of Primitive Philadelphes and Philalethes, which had been the offspring of these of Martinez Pashalis, and Marquis de St. Martin, and which, with others, labored side by aspect with the Rites of Perfection and Knights of the Orient. The military of Buonaparte carried those High Grade Rites Egypt in 1798, and a Grand Lodge became then installed at Cairo, whilst Buonaparte and Kleber obtained investiture with a ring on the superb Pyramid of Cheops, on the fingers of an Egyptian Sage, as a symbol in their union with the ancient occult Masonry of Egypt. Under the Grand Lodge of Cairo Brother Samuel Honis turned into initiated, and afterwards removed to France. Mehemit Ali Pacha patronized Masonry in Egypt till his loss of life, and the Rite maintained a correspondence with its confreres in Europe via our famous cyphers.
The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, Disciples of Memphis Misraim, become based as a Grand Lodge at Montauban, France, n [sic] the year 1814, by the Illustrious Brothers Gabriel Mathieu Marconis de Negre; Samuel Honis, of Cairo; Baron Dumas; Hypolite Labrunie; Marquis de Laroque; J. Pettitt, and others. The foundation of this device changed into the Primitive Rites, wherein the ranges have been now not actually described, as each principal grade had the energy to confer others of like nature. The seven instructions into which our Order is divided are faculties for the study of Masonic know-how, physics and philosophy; and embody rituals, the manufacturing of greater than a quarter of a century of assiduous labour and studies, concerning all Masonic Rites.
The Grand Lodge of Osiris, or Disciples of Memphis, after an interval of sleep, recommenced paintings at Brussels, in 1838, and at Paris in 1839, while it posted its statutes; but in 1841, the Grand Master Hierophant, the Illustrious and Enlightened Brother Jacques Etienne Marconis, 33-97°, son and Initiate of the first Grand Hierophant, became compelled by means of civil politics to position all the Lodges in France asleep. In 1848 our Order revived its work on the Orient of Paris, and continued to prosper; and in 1856 had established itself in Egypt, America, Roumania,Metal Jewel Collars, and different international locations.