Dying Light Cheats for PC


After completing the story you can quickly travel between the main areas of the game. This is very useful for searching collectibles and completing all the side missions.

The game does not tell you that you can make use of this function. To go to other maps between neighborhoods and the city, go to your room in the tower. There is a poster on the wall that takes you to those areas. To go to the antenna, use the gate in the north of the neighborhoods or the sewer in the north of the city (there are zombie flags and statues).

You can also go to the sewers if you wish, the access points are marked on the map and are the same ones that you used during the story missions.


Search the right places to find Marvin Zucker’s 17 diaries


Purchase the ability to throw objects. Then equip your highest value stab (or buy one) and drop it. While the weapon is in the air, open your inventory and drop that same weapon to duplicate it. Repeat as many times as you like to clone the item you can sell to get as much money as you want.

There are several ways to better exploit this glitch , such as doing the trick with weapons that are about to break.

Note: Please be aware that it could be patched with updates.


The EXPcalibur sword appears randomly as a button, but you can always get one in the southeast of the map. Travel to the boat house on the great length of that area. The blocked bridge should be on your left. Go along the rocky shore to your right until you reach the edge. You will see a small island in the middle of the lake. Swim to her to find a body with the sword. Search for 120 seconds and you will get it, then the body will burn and reveal the tft cheat sheet document.

The sword cannot be repaired and will break with a few hits, but it is very powerful and can kill most zombies with one hit. As an improvement according to your level, it is recommended to get it near the end of the game.


There are two ways to get a 9mm pistol. The easiest to pick it up is the house in the lower right corner of the neighborhoods. The gun is always spawned here, and you can get it right away or at any time.

The second way is to pick it up from police vans. Look for them on the roads and bring some picks. You cannot get the gun from human enemies as they only have rifles and melee weapons. The gun is a crucial part of completing the Gunslinger side quest from the upper tower in the neighborhoods. The Gunslinger side quest gives access to a pawn shop containing two collectible reports.


When you no longer need a weapon, open your inventory and dismantle the item to get metal parts.

Those components can be used to repair other objects. Although it is not as good as selling a weapon, it can be used to get parts when you need them.


Use the night sense to detect building ingredients in containers. Industrial zones may contain metal parts, sheets, while weapons are found in vehicles and buildings. Some ingredients will appear on the map.

Search the following places or areas to find resources:

Alcohol: Refrigerators
Batteries: Tool Boxes
Blade: Tool Boxes
Bolter Fabric: Search Bolter Bodies
Chemicals: Kitchen
Areas Common Plant: Wilderness
Tape: Tool Boxes, Workshops
Electronics: Tool Boxes, Enclosed Cabinets
Fluorescent Mushrooms: Caves
Gauze: medicine cabinets
Home and garden: sideboards, cabinets
Hunter’s gland: hunters’ bodies
Metal parts: Trash cans, disassembled items
Nails: Warehouses, supply rooms, sideboards
Plastics: Tools, containers
Power cord: industrial areas, warehouses
Rope: sideboards, simple containers
Cans: Tools, containers
Toxic plant: cliff
areas Underwater algae: coastal areas (underwater)


In the antenna area, scale the large antenna until you reach the zip lines. Use the one that leads to the mountains (northeast) and look for a logic plant on one of the rocks, south of the hole. It will teleport you to a Plants vs. minigame. Zombies where zombies are fighting plants.


Achievement Description
Is it really necessary? Kill your first infected.
Little craftsman Create your first object.
Mortal jump
My right or your right?
Open Sesame Open 10 locks.
Graduation party Survive a night pursuit of level 2 or higher.
Philippi Run (move or sprint) at least 42 195 m.
Untouchable Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage.
Commercial society Sell ​​items worth $ 10,000.
Strong Reach Professional Level 10 Power.
Bowled over Kill an irate.
Agile Reach Professional Level 10 Agility.
I’ll cover you Finish 1 mission in a cooperative match.
Harran Shooting Club Kill 50 enemies with firearms.
Everyone knows Kyle Reach level 12.
Disaster recovery Get 15 PAS
Silly faces
Capes tied
Everybody dance! Electrocute 5 monsters at once.
Shut your mouth Silence a howler.
Master craftsman Use designs at least 100 times.
You can come in now
The Legend of Harran Reach level 18.
Bittersweet finish
we are all in this together Save 15 survivors from the zombies.
Mount Everest Climb at least 8848 m on various objects.
Safe Capture all safe areas.
Gabriel’s sword Adds an elemental fire effect to a curved sword or saber.
Barbecue Skewer the burning zombies.
Dodgeball Kill 50 enemies with throwing weapons.
Are you afraid of getting wet? Go to the field.
Endless fall Jump into the water at night from the Bridge of Infamy.
Pearls in the mud Open 5 UPS chests in quarantine areas.
Blinded by the light Blind 25 choleric with flares or a flashlight.
Hare hunting Catch 5 elusive.
High flights Kill 25 enemies with Ground Strike or Air Death.
I felt your presence Watch the Followers meeting.
Full story Complete all the side missions.
Harran Athletics World It is part of 10 cooperative competitions.
Have I waited for you for so long? Become a Faceless.
I am a runner and a fighter Complete 15 runner challenges.
Lucky 7 Win 7 cooperative competitions.
Judo master Throw 50 enemies with the hook.
And you liked it, right? Get together with an old friendship.
What if you had chosen the other option? Make a decision.
Electrified! Capture 25 enemies in the trap in the form of an electrified fence.
I don’t approve of uncontrolled fun Kill 500 zombies with your vehicle.
Trespassing Complete all quarantine zones.
Homo Homini Lupus Est Save 15 survivors from Rais’s men.
This is Harraaaan! Kill 100 enemies by kicking them off rooftops or precipices.
Robin Hood effect Perform 10 headshots with the bow at Rais’s men.
You know these are just dots, right? Reach Rank 12 Driver.
Illumination! Blind 25 enemies with a light trap.
It wasn’t that difficult, wasn’t it? Win Bilal’s career.
Plumber Kill a zombie with a monkey wrench using Swift Jump, followed by Aerial Death.
A for Bozak Complete the Bozak challenge.
Are you scared of scarecrows? Destroy 50 scarecrows.
All in writing Find all the text collectibles.
Polyamory Finish 5 missions in a single cooperative match with the same 3 companions.
The boy who ran Complete all Parkour Fever challenges.
Electric whispers Learn how to make electric arrows.
Things that boom Learn how to make explosive arrows.
Do your hands sweat? Kill a demolition with a vehicle.
Together forever Be the last one standing.
Fucking parkour instructor Complete all Night Parkour Fever challenges.


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