Private Investigators Manchester

Private investigator in Manchester are the best investigators. We here at I-Spy are running a reputed company, which is not only licensed by the information commission of London but is also a certified company. We have a team of individuals who are all ex-military and they have years of experience under their belt, It doesn’t happen one time that we have lost the case at our hands or we are failed to prove the innocent with justice. Whenever we are hired to spy on someone, we did it like no one can. We become the shadow of that person without knowing them, we have authorization of the surveillance cameras too. So, we keep an eye on the person 24/7. And we come with a conclusion after a thorough investigation so strong, that can be presented in the court of justice.

Why @ Private investigator in Manchester?

We here at I-Spy believes that it is our responsibility to take care of the citizens of the UK whereabouts. Our team of experts follows the following protocol which are as follows i.e.

  • We always operate under the law of the UK.
  • Anything we are doing will be totally upon us, in case if something goes wrong then we will take all the responsibility,
  • Customers privacy is our main concern unless he states otherwise.
  • The documents we will present will be with the written proof like date and time which states that this evidence can be presented in the court of law.
  • When you hire u. we take payments before thee investigation but along with this, we take the payment whatever suits you according to your package (budget plan).
  • Our team of experts are highly trained and along with this we are a certified company so whatever we do we do under the law of the united kingdom.

Investigation steps are based on the following things:

  • Discuss the Plan:

We will at the first discuss the plan with your operation management team, if you have any if not then we will discuss it with you, we will make sure to provide you every detail and information that is required to get the things done perfectly.

  • Start of the investigation:

If you like the plan then we will begin the investigation, we take money before the investigation but don’t worry it is according to your budget plan. We provide the customer with the 24 hours surveillance and along with this we provide him with authentic and forensic approved photographs along with time and dates which can be presented as an evidence in the court of law, if required and also if you ask us for GPS tracking then we will also do that for you, we will provide you with the best tracking service in the whole of England, and also provide you the dull details in the form of a PDF document.

  • Conclusion of the investigation:

When the investigation is finished then we will provide you with the findings and evidence in the form of a pdf document that is tested and approved by the forensics. We do all this because if needed they can be presented in the court of law.